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After a millenia, real change is happening in the the Valley of the Source.

It is now the year 1258.

A king long thought dead has shown up, alive. The regent, and his deputy, are silent.

Hobgoblins in the west chose an overking from among their tribal chiefs, they now have a professional army with cavalry. Effective cavalry.

Elves stolen from their forest homes for slave-labor by the hobgoblins won their release, at the hand of the most-disliked elf in the entire Valley.

A scattering of Goblin-kind, refugees from the new regime, are trickling across the land. Some of them into the cities.

Overly pious Cuthbertian devotion to the letter of the law is spreading among the merchant class, after an unexpected change in temple staff. Commoners looking for objective justice are feeling uncomfortable in his temples.

Old Gods are rising. The Mountain God has chosen a Paladin from among his followers. Something that has not happened in living memory if ever. Oh yes, and he’s also announced he now has a consort he wants worshiped along side him.

Rumors of new cults are spreading. A small forest-sanctum, a place of healing, has appeared full-grown in a matter of weeks, inside a city no less. Another deity said to guard the dead may fill an empty place in the devotions of the people.

A member of the Carthian High Council has not been seen for months. The rest of the High Council won’t discuss it in public.

Verbosh 2.0

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