Red Roc Inn

City of Verbosh

1) Red Roc Inn – Geratal Rocslayer, Human. Geratol slew a Roc single-handed with the help of a Roc-slaying sword, which now hangs on the wall above the bar. The Roc now makes up most of the inn in the form of chair legs, pillows, rugs, even stuffing for the beds and couches. The huge bar itself rests on the two claws of the beast. Daughter Ann (12) will attend female patrons in the bath, and provide salon services for tips. Wife is Beth Wygnot. Elder daughter Eliza (14) has started her apprenticeship with a friend of the family.


Room 5 sp per night
Cold Bath 2 cp
Hot Bath 6 cp
Shave and/or Shampoo 1 sp
Food Drink (mug) Drink (tankard)
Millet Porridge (1 cp) Ale (1 cp) Ale (3 cp)
Vegetable Stew (1 cp) Beer (1 cp) Beer (3 cp)
Oat Porridge (2 cp) Stout (1 cp) Stout (3 cp)
Wheat Bread & Sharp Cheese (3 cp) Cider (2 cp) Cider (4 cp)
Roasted Parsnip (3 cp) Perry (2 cp) Perry (4 cp)
Boiled Chicken & Blue Cheese (4 cp) Bitter (3 cp) Bitter (6 cp)
Roasted Sausage & Oat Bread (4 cp) Mead (4 cp) Mead (8 cp)
Salted Veal & Soft Cheese (4 cp)
Pickled Oxen & Sharp Cheese (5 cp)
Roasted Pork & Turnip (8cp)
Stewed Goose and Lentils (8 cp)
Baked Hare & Leek (1 sp)
Roasted Goose & Dried Apricot (1 sp)
Geratol Rocslayer Human Innkeeper
Beth Wygnot Human Innkeeper
Eliza Rocslayer Human Apprentice (moved out)
Ann Rocslayer Human Inn Staff

Red Roc Inn

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