The Lonely Hobbit Inn

City of Verbosh

2) The Lonely Hobbit Inn – Ralcon the Raucus, Hobbit. The inn has simple furnishings with a huge, lifelike painting of a lone hobbit walking across a totally alien landscape. Next to it is the head of a pegasus with oddly slanted eyes.


Ralcon the Raucus Hobbit Innkeeper Ralcon is fey in appearance, with copper hair and bright gray eyes. He wears simple clothing.
Peohtre Male Human staff Peohtre is heavyset, with tangled silver hair and dark brown eyes. He wears travel-stained clothing and a bronze amulet. Peohtre is searching for his missing son.
Behrtio Male Human staff Behrtio has an angular face, with long gray hair and dark gray eyes. He wears modest garments and a black cloak. Behrtio is talkative and extravagant.

Accomodations consist of several small rooms with wooden cots and wooden cots near the hearth. 5 sp per night.

Food Drink (mug) Drink (tankard)
Millet Porridge (1 cp) Ale (1 cp) Ale (3 cp)
Vegetable Stew (1 cp) Beer (1 cp) Beer (3 cp)
Oat Porridge (2 cp) Stout (1 cp) Stout (3 cp)
Wheat Bread & Sharp Cheese (3 cp) Cider (2 cp) Cider (4 cp)
Roasted Sausage & Oat Bread (4 cp) Perry (2 cp) Perry (4 cp)
Pickled Oxen & Sharp Cheese (5 cp) Bitter (3 cp) Bitter (6 cp)
Roasted Chicken & Curd Cheese (5 cp) Mead (4 cp) Mead (8 cp)
Roasted Pork & Pinenut Bread (5 cp)
Dried Catfish & Peas (8 cp)
Roasted Pork & Turnip (8cp)
Stewed Sausage & Parsnip (8 cp)
Salted Hare & Lentils (9 cp)
Roasted Bear & Beetroot (1 sp)
Roasted Partridge & Pinenut Bread (11 cp)


The Lonely Hobbit Inn

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