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Kingdom of Verbosh Great Forest Principality of Carth
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City of Verbosh Territhtanzin City of Carth
Village of Verbosh Territhtanzin Watchtowers Dwarves of the Silver Sledge
Warrenburg Oldkeep Denhuin
New Warrenburg Modron’s Blessing
Lake Schuwang-Nau Tower Henriliel’s Grove
Baron Vargo (Wood Elves)
Wygnot’s Troll Inn
Balthon’s Tower
Devil Hill
Wash Meet
Green Knoll
Trot Hill
Dwarves of the Red Hammer
Baron Hedgehill
Dwarves of the Black Anvil

The Great Valley of The Source River

Verbosh_Vally_color.jpgThis region is dominated by mountains to the east, west and south. The northern half is almost entirely covered by a vast forest. There is an enormous river, The Source, that originates in the southern mountain range near a volcano, travels due north, bends northeast and then around the forest, then continues north through the forest out of sight and mind.


The climate in this part of the world is temperate. Most weather ‘events’ are average, but there can be fierce storms at any time of the year. Tornadoes in the spring, thunderstorms during the spring, summer and fall, blizzards in the winter.


The sky above is dominated by a huge bow stretching from the eastern horizon to the western. By daylight, it assumes a light blue aspect and at night it glows silver with tinges of scarlet (or has since the Uttermost War). It is a feature of the sky known as “Heaven’s Bridge”, as the planets, moon, and even the sun itself travel across the sky upon it. The ring becomes golden once every 52 years for a period of 90 to 96 days. Intelligent life forms use this event to mark the end of a cycle and the beginning of new one. Each race has woven its significance into it’s own legends.

The calendar used in this region has 12 months of 30 days each, with five additional days. There are 3 Yule days devoted to the midwinter solstice and new year feasting and 2 Midsummer Days devoted to midsummer solstice and feasting.

Months and major holidays:

Afteryule (January) 1258
Solmath (February) 1258
Rethe (March) 1258
Astron (April) 1258
Thrimidge (May) 1258
Foresol (June) 1258
Midsummer (2 days, holiday) 1258
Aftersol (July) 1258
Wedmath (August) 1258
Halimath (September) 1258
Winterfall (October) 1258
Blotmath (November) 1258
Foreyule (December) 1258
Yule (3 days, holiday) 1258

Days of the Week:

Starday Monday
Sunday Tuesday
Moonday Wednesday
Treeday Thursday
Riverday Friday
Thocday Saturday
Skyday Sunday

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